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    Repair and moisturize your lips with our range of Vegan Lip Balms. Our vegan balms are just as amazing as our originals, just without any honey! These balms will moisturize your lips and leave them soft and nourished. Our Vegan Balms come in all our original flavours!


    Beeswax, Honey Free


    • The skin on your lips are very delicate and having dry or cracked lips is very unpleasant. We have come up with the perfect lip balms to moisturize, heal and buffer your lips from the elements. Our balms are made with all natural ingredients which means that they contain no chemicals or artificial ingredients.
    • Our handmade vegan lip balms are free of any chemicals and animal products
    • Our products are all handmade so there might be a slight difference in shape, colour and size from what is pictured. Some products may also settle and need to be remixed on occasion


    Soy Wax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil

    How to use

    • Apply balm to lips as many times as you wish per day.


    • The healing , antibacterial and cleansing properties of Coconut Oil ensures that any dry & hard skin conditions are taken care of while it locks in moisture, which makes it an excellent skin moisturizer.
    • Jojoba Oil contains most vitamins and minerals that’s needed for healthy skin and it’s easily absorbed, which leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that decrease dryness and skin inflammation.
    • Apart from smelling absolutely amazing, the essential oils we use in our Vegan Lip Balms has a very nourishing effect on the skin.


    • Store in a cool dry place and use within 12 months.
    • Keep the jar free from water at all times and do not place in direct sunlight.


    1. This vegan lipbalm is fantastic! Leaves lips soft and moisturised without being addictive like certain other lipbalms on the market. Plus, it’s cruelty free! Thanks, Darling Jane!

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