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Chocolate Mint Lip Scrub
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    Our chocolate mint lip scrub is the perfect combination of chocolate and peppermint to that will leave your lips feeling soft and nourished. While the peppermint gives you that wonderful tingly feeling, this combination tastes like a big bowl of chocolate mint ice cream.




    • Lip scrubs are a great way to exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dead skin cells. Our mixture of natural ingredients will leave your lips hydrated, moisturized and feeling smooth.
    • Our handmade lip scrubs are free of any chemicals
    • Our products are all handmade so there might be a slight difference in shape, colour and size from what is pictured. Some products may also settle and need to be remixed on occasion


    Sugar, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Cocoa Powder, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract

    How to use

    • Gently massage desired amount over lips to exfoliate, then rinse thoroughly.
    • Use 3-4 times per week for soft & luscious lips


    • Olive Oil deeply penetrates into the skin and stimulates the process of skin healing which is why it’s great to soothe & heal skin infections.
    • Grapeseed Oil contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are excellent for moisturizing the skin without clogging pores and it also helps to cure acne problems and prevent future breakouts.
    • Sugar is a gentle exfoliant that promotes brighter skin.
    • Peppermint has strong healing effects on your skin and the menthol provides a nice cooling sensation. The cooling effect of peppermint helps to reduce inflammation and the menthol can help to get your skin oil free, naturally.
    • Cocoa is high in antioxidants that help repair skin cells and neutralize free radicals while helping to keep your skin looking fresh, renewed and healthy.
    • Apart from smelling absolutely amazing, vanilla contains antioxidant properties that cleanse your skin, removes oil & dirt and it has a very nourishing effect on the skin.


    • Store in a cool dry place and use within 3-6 months. Scoop desired amount out with a spoon.
    • To extend the shelf life of your scrub, keep the jar free from water.


    1. When I first opened this I was greeted with a lovely chocolate scent and a hint of mint, the texture is really nice and the scrub feels like soft sugar. The packaging is an easy to open screw on lid top container so it is really convenient in the shower, just try not to get water in it and remember to bring a spoon. After scooping some out and rubbing it over my lips in a circular motion I felt a slight tingle from the mint, after about sixty seconds the scrub was nearly dissolved and I rinsed the remainder off. I was left with a super soft moisturized pout and I could really feel the essential oils on my lips. I really enjoy this scrub, including the part where I look like a 2 year old eating a chocolate bar! I’ve noticed as well that I don’t have to apply lip balms as I did prior to using the lip scrub.

    2. Heaven! I’ve tried a few lip scrubs over time, since I struggle with dry and cracked lips, but this one is by far the best!! Not only does it smell AMAZING(so amazing that you really don’t mind getting some in your mouth), but it leaves you with a fresh tingly feeling afterwards and leaves your lips so super soft. Unlike some lip scrubs, where I had to do the super moisturizing thing afterwards, this one keeps your lips so soft and shiny for much longer. I usually apply some Fresh peppermint lip balm the morning after scrubbing and it just makes my soft lips even more soft and last much much longer. Definitely worth a try if you struggle with dry lips!

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