All about Bath Oil Capsules

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All about Bath Oil Capsules
Bath oil is a great addition to your bath and it has amazing benefits for your skin. Bath oils come in many forms and we choose to use capsules for our bath oils. If you’re not too sure what a bath oil capsule is or how it could benefit your skin, then this post will definitely help.


What are Bath Oil Capsules?

Using a bath oil regularly will greatly benefit your skin. A bath oil capsule is filled with a bath oil blend and you simply drop it into the water and watch it dissolve. The oils will then mix with the water and you will be left with soft and moisturized skin after your bath.


Why use a Bath Oil Capsule?

Not only is bath oil extremely beneficial for your skin, it also soothes your mind with the wonderful aroma filling the air. We have taken a traditional bath oil and put it in capsule form for you to enjoy, so instead of adding drops of bath oil to your bath, you simply drop one or two of these capsules into the water.

Our blend of bath oil is created to soften, soothe and moisturize your skin while you relax in the bath.


How to use a Bath Oil Capsule

These capsules are really easy to use. Simply drop 1-2 capsule into a warm bath and watch the soothing oils fill the water as it dissolves.


Our Bath Oil Capsules

All about Bath Oil Capsules
Our bath oil capsules are a combination of soothing oils to help nourish and moisturize your skin, relax your body and refresh your mind. All of our bath capsules are made from natural ingredients and are free of any synthetic fragrances.

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