All about Bath Fizz

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All about Bath Fizz
We’re sure that you have all seen bath bombs, but we decided to create a bath fizz instead. If you’re not too sure what a bath fizz is or how it could benefit your skin, then this post will definitely help.


What is Bath Fizz?

A bath fizz is a bath bomb in granular form. We decided to create this instead of a bath bomb so that you can get more use out of the product. When sprinkled into your bath it will create a fizzing effect that releases tiny bubbles and ingredients that are wonderful for your skin.


Why use a Bath Fizz?

Bath fizz is filled with ingredients that are great for your skin and have a soothing and relaxing effect. When the product fizzes in the bath all the ingredients are released and mixed with the water to leave your skin soft and moisturized. Not only will your skin feel amazing, but you will feel relaxed with the wonderful aroma that fills the air.


How to use a Bath Fizz

Sprinkle some bath fizz into a hot bath. Enjoy the wonderful aroma and tiny bubbles as you relax and moisturize your skin.


Our Bath Fizz

All about Bath Fizz
Our Bath Fizz contains a mix of the best ingredients to moisturize, soothe and condition your skin while you relax and soothe body and mind. This will soften the water and moisturize your skin while you lie back and relax. We have four delicious flavours to choose from: Cafe Latte Fizz, Detox Fizz, Pink Grapefruit Fizz, Soothing Lavender Fizz.

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