All about Salt Scrubs

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All about Salt Scrub Blog Post

Salt Scrubs are a more abrasive scrub that is ideal for dry and more calloused skin. If you’re not too sure what a salt scrub is or how it could benefit your skin, then this post will definitely help.


What are Salt Scrubs?

A salt scrub is a body treatment that is designed to exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin cells, promote better circulation and improve skin texture. Salt scrubs are generally more abrasive than sugar scrubs, but they have healing & antiseptic properties that kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.


Why use a Salt Scrub?

Apart from removing dead skin cells these scrubs contain minerals that help reduce inflammation, improve circulation and it also improve your skin texture. A salt scrub is ideal for areas such as elbows and feet that are especially dry and calloused. If your skin is rough and needs to be smoothed, a salt scrub will be a great option seeing that salt has sharper edges than sugar.


How to use a Salt Scrub

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Gently massage the desired amount of scrub over your skin to exfoliate, then rinse thoroughly. Usage depends on the type of salt scrub that you use, but due to ours being a medium salt scrub, we recommend using it 2-3 times a week to leave you with clean, moisturized and smooth skin.


Our Salt Scrubs

All about Salt Scrub
Our handmade salt scrubs are free of any chemicals and our mixture of natural ingredients will leave your skin hydrated, moisturized and feeling smooth. We have two amazing flavours to choose from: Lemon Rosemary Scrub, Pink Vanilla Scrub.

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